Browser compatibility

This web app requieres an HTML5 compatible browser with localStorage, tested browsers include: Firefox, Chrome, Opera and for movile Dolphin, Firefox and Android stock browser.

Data handling

Your bussiness data never leaves your device, all is stored locally, this app only sends page view statistics using Piwik: like browser version, screen resolution, etc.

Barcode scanner compatible.

Just configure the scanner to send enter at the end of code (Default behavior on most scanners)

Keyboard And Touch.

Keyboard shortcuts for Sale screen actions are configured as acces keys for the browser, check your browser confguration for info on how to activate them: for example on firefox they are Ctrl+Alt+KEYCODE:

Product shorcuts can be added so no typing is required to sell them.

Storage Limits

Configure storage limits on your browser, most have a limit of 5mb, this space is allocated for all your information (product, customers catalogs, sales history and configuration).

Ticket printing

Browsers print the title and url by default, you can remove headers on your browser printer settings so the ticket is clean.

Product quantities

Product quantity can be added to the code to sell more than one piece on the code input box. Just add the quantity an asterisc and the code: QTY*CODE = 2*777

Product information

Product codes can have any character except white space, prices must be captured without taxes. Tax name and rate can be configured so it can be calculated automatically for each product.